These Volunteers are  committed.

Volunteers at the Non-Toxic Teen Center

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Too often the term volunteer brings to mind visions of people fulfilling a task because they feel guilty or have been coerced into the job against their will.

This is not the case at Non-Toxic.  Each volunteer accepts a one year commitment of service to the Center.  This is so that genuine relationships can be fostered.  Being a volunteer here is a joy and great time for everyone involved.  

Through the relationship mutual trust and acceptance are created.  This allows the mature adult to mentor the teen and it benefits both the teen and the volunteer.

Volunteerism at the teen outreach speaks volumes.  No person involved with Non-Toxic receives compensation for his or her services.  Every body from the founder and president serves teens without pay.  the reward is in the doing.  We love young people and believe we are gifted and called to serve "teens at risk."

And Non-Toxic we place value on teens.


Dave Flood began the Non-Toxic Teen Center, in 1993, at 30 years of age, with a vision to create a dynamic and ever changing club where young people feel valued.  Dave and his wife Toni are available each weekend.  Tom McShane and his wife Peggy volunteer their time the third weekend of each month and Tom now plays the role of DJ for the monthly Techno Dance nights.

Toni interacts with the teen girls each weekend and if she's not at the center the girls want to know why.  Toni's energetic personality and genuine concern for the young ladies has made a huge impact on the teen girls who miss her when she's not at the club.

One thing that is noticed immediately is the commitment of this staff.  No where have so few been responsible for so much...and they are successful!  Without the volunteers...there is no mission work.

Tom McShane has been involved with Non-Toxic since 1993.  After a brief hiatus from the club he has returned with a vision, a passion and is full of energy.  Tom has created a new stage, lighting and has many other great creative ideas to take Non-Toxic to the next level.  This outreach is state of the art and will continue to grow more dynamic and exciting with Tom involved.

Tom's wife Peggy plays an integral role at the center.  Her behind the scenes work and behind the counter devotion is essential in the continuing outworking of the center.   Peggy's commitment to the outreach is evident as she works on newsletters and other essential tasks that keep Non-Toxic moving forward.

Meet this Volunteer: Mr. Smiley.

Volunteers are the reason that Non-Toxic can continue to do what it does oh so well!


Please take a moment to notice this dude. He has been enjoying the club since 1993 as a teen, and has been a faithful volunteer for many years.

Smiley, as I will refer to him (because he never used to smile), is on staff and a board member. His unique perspective allows him to offer advice and counsel that is invaluable.  Kyle's work schedule these days does not allow him to be at the club as much as he'd like but his desire for the youth remains constant.  He is a faithful donor and helps with sound set-up at the Music Fest Events.  Kyle is married to Stacy and they have two girls.  Stacy helps out at many of our events as well as behind the counter serving teens. 

  Keith Lund, who just a few years ago was 13 years old and playing in his first pool tournament is now a regular volunteer whose input and help is invaluable.  Keith gets the sound system and computer up and running each night, and has a big heart for what goes on in at Non-Toxic.  And, he is a faithful donor.

Kristina Roberstad interacts with the teens and is full of smiles and encouragement.  Kristina is a new volunteer and is a wonderful addition to the staff.

The youngest volunteer in Nicolas Livick.  Nick grew up at the teen center and now that he is in college wants to be more involved on the opposite side of the counter.  Nick is a great help and has many ideas that will help to successfully move Non-Toxic into the future.


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