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Construction projects are coming to a close.  Teens and adult volunteers have worked hard for 4 years on the new adventure camp. 

 Please visit our Camp page to see what all has taken place.

Much has been done and much more is yet to come!  

Watch us grow.

Non-Toxic Youth Alternatives has been providing positive alternatives for teens since 1993.  Our newest addition to the outdoor adventure trips is our brand new Adventure Camp- BearClaw Lodge.  here, ATV trail riding, 150' Zip Line #1 (we are creating a 300' zip line and 30' tower), paintball, and lots of other events at the newly constructed BearClaw Lodge.  The camp is far from finished but we work a little each trip and Play A Lot!! 

Between the Climbing, Rappelling,  Wild Caving or Paintball Adventures, there is never a dull moment at Non-Toxic.   

Because of the real  dangers involved in these extreme adventures NO  ONE takes Safety for granted nor do we act foolish  for a thrill.  Since 1994 we have taken TEENS climbing to  Devil's Lake State Park,  

Governor Dodge State Park. We do not invite everyone to join in because we are  very serious about the SAFETY of those in our company. 

If one regularly attends Non-Toxic and has a legal guardian who will allow him or her to experience the Extreme sports listed on this page then perhaps he or she will join us some day. 

This page is to let people know about the many Events and Alternatives provided through Non-Toxic Youth Alternatives, Inc. and it is NOT an advertisement to recruit people into an extreme sports club.


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