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Donor Support!

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     Without the generous support of many  businesses, individuals, churches and foundations this exciting Center for teens would not be available to provide the positive opportunities that it does.  This non-profit youth organization is a necessary refuge for teens and our gratitude and thanks go out to the many who through selfless support continue to provide for our youth through Non-Toxic.  Thank you for your faithful and generous donations! 

All Donations are tax deductible according to applicable laws of the IRS.


Non-Toxic Youth Alternatives, Inc. is a 5013,  non-stock, not for profit organization.  Thank you all very much! 


     It is rare, perhaps unheard of, but at Non-Toxic, every person is a volunteer.  The founder and president as well board members and weekly servants do not receive financial compensation.  The success of this organization is not built upon a great fundraising team but on a team of servants who are energized with a passion to be available for young people who need adults to love them.  Being completely volunteer staffed, Non-Toxic depends on the individuals who give up their valuable time to serve others.   

     These generous individuals perform selfless duties by making themselves available for young people each and every week of the year.   The teen camp,  BearClaw Lodge - was built completely by volunteers and funded by generous donors.  Not a penny was borrowed to purchase the land, build the 1,400 square foot Lodge, create the 150' zip line and tower, purchase and maintain the small but growing fleet of ATV's or for the purchase of paintball gear and all the equipment to make this camp amazing.  Thank you to our faithful volunteers.


Thank you for your generous support of this teen outreach.  Your gift is greatly appreciated and 100% of the gift amount goes directly to programs that place value on teens.



 Thank you for visiting this web site.  We sincerely hope you found it informative, clear and concise.

All of our young people are valuable.  It is our Mission to show them!

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