BearClaw Lodge  ...the adventure continues.

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    The BearClaw Lodge Adventure Camp is aptly named since numerous black bear tracks are a familiar sight around the lodge, on the paths and ATV trails.  And of course, the sighting of a lone male bear 100 yards from the lodge is another reminder that the wild north woods is indeed ...wild.  


The lodge dining room and teen ATV enthusiasts.



The 150' Zip Line Tower, the fire pit...


archery, paintball, hiking and ATV enthusiasts...

BearClaw Lodge:  A Brief History.

      In January of 2006, Non-Toxic began a fundraising campaign for the purpose of creating a youth camp.  Through generous donations from Edgerton Gear and the Frank Foundation, Non-Toxic purchased 16 acres of land and built a 20' by 34' lodge.  In 2008, we began the first addition to the Lodge.  Non-Toxic remains DEBT FREE.  With that extra 720 square feet, came more room for sleeping quarters, games and other indoor activities.  Another addition has been added (2009) and the lodge is now a comfortable 1,400 square feet of recreation, sleeping and dining space.  The lodge will act as the central meeting place and dining. A fireplace surrounded by stone and heavy timber adds a cozy and warm atmosphere.   

     Since the land is remote and heavily wooded there are all sorts of interesting wildlife.  Deer abound as well as bald eagles, hawks, falcons, turkeys, waterfowl, bobcats, squirrels, many song birds, cougars and of course-  black bear.  After the concrete foundation was finished many tracks were left in the clay top soil and more than a few eyebrows were raised.  A scraping tree (what bear use to mark their territory) is just 400 feet from the lodge in the camp's thick tag alder swamp.  I wanted a remote place that carried with it it's own history of adventure and intrigue.  This holds all the intrigue one would want.  The nearest neighbor is a half a mile away and the several roads leading up to the camp are gravel.

      Though the property is remote there is a hospital within 10 miles as well as emergency personnel.  Each teen will be safe and secure but will learn to respect the wildness of the area.


Foods rich in protein are provided so the teens can play and play and play...The girls enjoy the Camp too...and the fire warms cold wet feet better than anything.

     Many of the extreme retreats enjoyed throughout the years will be incorporated into the camp.  The Non-Toxic Teen Adventure Camp: Bear Claw Lodge offers-

BELOW are pictures of the construction and additions to the Lodge and camp area.  We invite you along to watch us grow.



Where it all a lodge and more...

 From nothing something's far from done...and there will a lot more...   

Adult and teen volunteers are making it happen.   The Work Crew...what a blessing!!



A pictorial history of the BearClaw Lodge Creation Story:  It starts with volunteers!


The driveway's in...                                                                                    The concrete's in...

We're starting with 16 acres of beautiful woodland...and creating adventure.






    The food will be fresh and the adventure constant.   It is imperative that the young people at the center feel valued and important.  Enjoy the pics.  More will be us grow!


Riding together...blazing a trail through dense woodland...conquering the trails...

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       Join the adventure.